Gear season 7 on Canal + : diving to dizzying heights in the heart of the traffic, financial in white-collar

The group of Gilou and Laure was shattered at the end of season 6. A brutal crime will bring together the team of police officers and make them question their integrity. A new season, new series justice flagship, starting tomorrow evening on Canal+. Between resilience and transmission season 7 Gear found its characters in crisis. The reunion with the team of police officers and their colleagues in the courts, brought together by the force of events, are indeed turbulent : Laure Berthaut (Caroline Proust) has not supported her motherhood and is now trying to rebuild in a psychiatric institute. His partner and lover, Gilles “Gilou” Escoffier (Thierry Godard), has been mourning the loss of his dream to form a family with her. Fromentin says “Tintin” (“Tintin (Fred Bianconi) departed from the group after he felt betrayed by Gilles and Laure. Beckriche (Valentin Merlet) penalty to win the confidence of his team. Josephine (Audrey Fleurot) is paying the price for his revenge on Vern : it is removed from the bar and imprisoned in waiting of his judgment. The judge Roban (Philippe Duclos), ruled out of the business because of her illness, her return to the court, but his retirement at the nearby interfered with his business… In this slump, a new character just to give a point of view external to internal conflicts, and a new breath to the series : Ali (Tewfik Jallab), a young police officer diametrically opposed to that Gilou, who will take him under his wing and become his mentor. But the methods borderline of Laure and Gilou are going to quickly do become disillusioned… The dirty money in the heart of the season Still remain at the heart of the paris region, Gears explore Paris and its arenas of power, where the different social classes interact in a single and unique purpose : the traffic financial. This season opens on a brutal killing, which will plunge the team to the DYP in an investigation of the ramifications of dangerous : drug dealers of the city, passing by the companies of textile of china’s 93 that orchestrate the anti-money laundering, to finally go up to the suppliers of cash, white-collar part of the political elite and the country’s financial. A hot topic, which explores the powerlessness of justice and the institutions in crisis, in the face of the corruption of the higher echelons of power, the consequences of which are paid by the poorest. The integrity of Berthaud and Escoffier will be put to the test to solve their investigation : alone against all, they will have to make the choice of the legality, or the truth. This same dilemma will arise to Josephine, in a struggle with the flaws of his past. His encounter with a young was combative will change anything it is raccrochait. New cycle, new team Series iconic of the original Creation of Canal+, Gears has managed since its inception by Alexandra Clert in 2005, to keep a cohesive artistic remarkable throughout its seasons. This latest batch is no exception to the rule despite the departure of Anne Landois, co-writer of seasons 3 and 4 and then artistic director of the seasons 5 and 6. Marine Francou, co-author on season 6, succeeded him at the helm of writing brilliantly, and redistributes the cards. In 2017, Anne Landois is entrusted to Allocin√© on his award of the relay : “I feel that I went after what I wanted to tell about the characters, and particularly on women,’ said she. A page was turned at the end of season 6 and a new chapter is emerging now: Canal+ has already announced that an eighth season was in the course of writing… Hippocrates, The Office of the legends 4, of Castle Rock,… all of the series of Canal+ for the season 2018/2019

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