Anne Decided (More Beautiful Life) : "This is very important, in the context of the mission of public service, to deal with the disability" [INTERVIEW]

Following a terrible accident, Luna Torres, now a paraplegic, has to readjust to everyday life. The actress is back on the upheaval that occurred in the life of his character, present since the beginnings of the soap opera. What was your first reaction upon discovering this was going to happen to Luna ? Anne Decided: The producer, the More Beautiful Life warned me last summer, offering me to work on this axis. I asked him two-three days of reflection, because it involved a lot of things, but I very quickly said yes because it was a challenge. And then it is a moment that I am in the series, and like all the actors that have been there for a long time, I am looking to explore new terrain ! As a valid person, you are-you asked about the fact of embodying a character is non-valid ? No, I am not asked the question, for me the issue was to find out how to be the most faithful and testify of their everyday life, this reality. And especially what was interesting, is that I am a valid one that becomes disabled. Luna goes through all the stages : anger, sense of humiliation, resignation, acceptance… all of these feelings and all these steps to go through which are logical. To do this, I met with a physio, a person in a wheelchair, I am close associations to be the most fair as possible, and report as honestly as possible what can be the handicap. But the authors have worked a lot on all of these issues in the background, I had to do was to dragging me in, as in a bootie. Have you ever had positive feedback from the public ? Yes, I’ve already had a few returns ! But it is still at the beginning of the broadcast, for the moment, the ones I’ve had mainly are people who are affected to see my character through this ordeal. The person in the wheelchair that I was “coached” also made me share his thoughts on the things that she was righteous, and others that she had lived differently. What was explained to me, is that there are almost as many of paraplegia that of paraplegics, everyone does not recover in the same way, everyone has problems of everyday life which are different depending on the disability. At the end of the plot around Sacha (Avy Marciano) and the return of Victory (Flavie Péan), Luna pays a very high price for her kindness with this accident. Do you think that his behavior vis-à-vis his entourage evolves in the future ? What we are dealing with is that Luna goes through a veritable tsunami. Inevitably, his relationship with others changes, and with Sacha, without spoiling too much, it affects so much their relationship that things cannot be as before. And at the same time, these two characters have had a history so strong that they remain connected, despite everything. It is true that Ash has made choices that have had dire consequences, and it is so steeped in guilt that he did not know what to do to make himself useful… But he assumes his mistakes. The handicap is too little visible in the fictions, and especially in French fiction, where the number of characters non-valid is very low, or even non-existent. Do you think that it is the role of broadcasters to impose “quotas” of diversity ? The other day listening to France Inter, I’ve learned that nearly ten million of French people are in situation of disability, whatever it may be : blindness, deafness, motor disabilities, or mental or… It is huge. This is very important, in the context of the mission of public service, that the More Beautiful the Life of the treaty. What movies or series recent you have marked in respect of the representation of diversity on the screen ? I watch very few series due to lack of time, with the exception of Cain and Nina, but on the theme of disability I had in mind the film the Patients of a Large Sick Body, which the authors of a More Beautiful Life are much inspired to know what angle to deal with this subject. What are your other projects in the margins of the soap opera ? I am a part of two theatre companies, I played in Suspicion, a thriller soon broadcast on France 2, and I have also created a brand of jewelry with Aurélie Vaneck, who plays the role of Ninon. We have our e-shop, which takes a lot of time, because we make everything ourselves !