Profiling : "I wanted to bring Rock to his past", explains Juliette Roudet about the episode that she realized

One of the two episodes of season 9 of “Profiling” aired this evening on TF1 is directed by Juliette Roudet. The performer Adele, who is leaving the series at the end of this season, is back for us on his first step behind the camera. PHILIPPE WARRIN / TF1 season 9 of the Profiling, and the last with Juliette Roudet in the role of Adele, continues tonight on TF1 with two new episodes that fans of the detective series will not want to miss, as the second, which is called “Carnal” and is episode 8 of the ninth salvo, has been directed by Juliette Roudet itself, which was his debut behind the camera. “My desire [to perform] was really born during those three years [spent on Profiling], where I saw a lot of things, met a lot of people,” we recently explained in interview the female star of the series. “And I wanted the last season to tell a story my way, as I approached the characters and actors in my way, which is necessarily unique”. In agreement with Juliette Roudet, writers Maxime Berthemy and Charlene Galan have therefore concocted an episode very special for his first steps as a filmmaker. An episode that should delight fans of the series since it focuses on the character of Rocher (Philippe Bas), which, plunged in the coma due to a problem during its operation, starts to relive an event from his youth, even as Jess and Hyppolite are attempting to resolve an investigation precisely related to the past of the commander. We are offering a lot of sequences strong for the duo Adele-Rock, the hesitation in love, continue to punctuate the series. David Merle/TF1 “Rather than the idea of the flashback, which is used a lot in Profiling and we are seeing a lot also on television, I wanted to compare Rock to his past, to have a dialogue with its past,” says Juliette Roudet when asked about this episode event. “It is the dream of every power that we all have. If I relived this situation, that is what I would do differently ? Is it that I could have the hand over the situation to make it change ? I wanted there to be this notion of rewriting of history and the idea of the coma helped me a lot. He hears things while he is in the coma, and it thus explores how these things are transformed in his mind, give rise to images, scenes, and mix. The space-time of his hospital room, of his past, of his thought. It all mixes in his head and creates what I called “visions of coma”. And not flashbacks because he is in it. I wanted to be with him, and be with the character of Rock that meant interest to those who are close to him. And those who are closest to him are his son, Lucas, and Adele, who loves him and whom he loves. So obviously, yes, I have the impression that there is a trio Adele-Rock-Lucas that the trio emotionally strong in this episode, because it is between life and death and that people are suffering because of this”. Of course, in order to be able to donning the hat of a director and to be able to tell this powerful story about Rock, Juliette Roudet has had to limit his time on-screen presence, even if it appears in the skin of Adele during this episode. A juggling act that had to be thought about well in advance : “given that I had never done something so long, I asked mike Berthemy, who wrote all the episodes of this season, to help me and we tried both to put in place a system so that I get there a little bit as Adele but that I am less present on the plateau as an actress. This was an episode a little special, because Adele is the character we follow the most in the series. But I wanted you to build this episode a little differently, that is with a character who would be the beating heart of this episode. What interested me was to understand the Rock of today by confronting its past”. Profiling continues from 21h on TF1 and the episode directed by Juliette Roudet will be broadcast from 22: 05.

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